Kuris Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine




Compact system, easy to operate with an above-average performance and excellent cutting quality. Best dynamic qualities and speed of this system provide a multifunctional application

within the industrial series production. The economical production

of series is an important featur e of the TexCut C 3030.

But also smallest batch-sizes can be realized without big handling effort. Innovative cutter technology in combination with an

attractive price/performance ratio are the main features of this system.

The CNC-Cutter TexCut C 3030 combines productivity, flexibility in the application and gener ous workspace at small base.

With high production quality and low unit costs this machine is offering you a competitive edge.



+ cooling device

+ drilling device cold/hot

+ drawing device

+ milling device

+ special device for better vacuum (resealer)

+ moveable version


Cutting Area

   :  1,70 / 2,23 m

Cutting Height After Vacuum

:  45 mm - 80mm

Maximum Speed

:  60 m/min

Max. position speed

:  80 m/min


:  5 m/s2

Table width

:  1.90 / 2,43 m

Nominal working length (X)

:  1,70 m

Total length

:  4,20 m

Clearing area (integrated)

:  1,50 m

Electrical power connection

:  18 Kw

Operating voltage

:  400V, 50/60 Hz

Weight of the cutter

:  3000kg

Noise level

:  59-79 dB(A)



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